TVs flying off shelves for Super Bowl Sunday

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Super Bowl Sunday is next weekend and many people are planning Super Bowl parties. Patrons are crowding stores, stocking up on chips, dips and other assorted snacks and beverages to throw the ultimate big game party.

They're also picking up the one thing everyone needs for a Super Bowl party, and that's a TV.  Best Buy has been busy helping customers find that perfect television.

One manager at Best Buy says this year many customers are flocking to not just TVs, but sound systems also.

"We're having a lot of foot traffic now around the Super Bowl," said Best Buy store manager Michael Dammann.

"A lot of people are upgrading to large 60-70 inch TVs. We're also seeing a large increase in 4K televisions, so the new UHD technology is really taking off for us."

Dammann also says that during this time of year it's common to see more deals on televisions.

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