Biloxi High baseball team looks forward to new Biloxi stadium

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's the news that every baseball fan has been excited about and looking forward to. Baseball is finally coming to Biloxi. Thursday's groundbreaking marked a big day for the coast of Mississippi, and a great day to be a baseball fan or player.

The baseball players at Biloxi High say they can't wait to enjoy the games like everyone else, and they know the new team and field will be a great boost to the city.

"It's exiting. It's really exciting. I'm excited to see what it holds for Biloxi, but not only Biloxi, the whole coast," said Austin Derouen.

"I've always wanted it to come to Biloxi, and it's just going to be fun for everyone," said Jordan Rackley.

"It's going to be a big economic boom for everything. It's going to bring businesses and a lot more shops and tourists."

Not only will the city's business revenue increase, but more people will be aware of America's favorite pastime.

"It's going to open up a lot more people's eyes here in Biloxi, and make people realize how big baseball is in Biloxi. People know it's a big deal, but just in this part of the area, it's just going to be big for people," Brayden Belanger said.

"It's going to bring families together. A lot of families are going to go to the games. It's just going to be great. It's going to pull all of the coastal cities together," said Austin Derouen.

The thought of being able to one day play on the new field, already brings smiles to their faces. Their head coach, Kevin Burdine, believes with their record, the Biloxi High School team will have a good chance.

"They hold the state championship in Pearl. It'd be great down here if we could have a little kick off tournament down here at the coast at the new stadium," said Burdine.

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