Oystermen thrilled dredging season has been extended

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Thursday was a busy day at the Pass Christian Harbor. One after another, boats kept coming in to unload sacks of oysters.

"The season's been pretty good. Here we are 11o'clock in with our limit," Oysterman Randy Lesso said.

"I want to thank the Director Jamie Miller and the Commissioner Richie Guillot for going out to the reefs and seeing there is still good many marketable oysters left."

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources extended the dredging season, which makes many oystermen happy because they can bring in 20 sacks a day verse just 12 with tonging.

"We have five more months of work we have to be doing if we can," Lesso said.

"That's a good thing especially for the dredgers with the big boats," said Oysterman Bo.

"They really need it you know, because these people out here scuffling trying to make a living. Everyone needs a chance, not only for the tongers. They have enough out there for the tongers and the dredgers."

In addition to extending the season, officials also opened two more reefs for harvest, and even more could be opened by the end of the week.

The oystermen are thrilled because they say they need to have every opportunity they can while the catch is good.

"If we don't do this we don't get paid," Lesso said.

"We need to work; we need to work every day. This is our job and how we make a living."

The longer oystermen are allowed to be out, the more everyone else can enjoy the delicacies too.

"MMMMMMM very delicious," Bo said as he slurped down an oyster.

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