Crime Stoppers training in session

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Law enforcement and citizens who work with the Crime Stoppers organization are all getting a little training this week on fighting crime.

Workshop participants listened to a chilling 911 call made by Casey Anthony's mother, in regards to the high profile murder investigation. This was just one interesting part of this year's Crime Stoppers convention.

"When you have a case like this where tips were a vital part of solving this crime, the information they received was phenomenal," said Ronnie Castille, Crime Stoppers board member.

The presenter talked about what a vital role Crime Stoppers tips played in the case, and workshop attendees agreed that the hotline has been a saving grace in several cold cases.

Michael Guest works as a prosecutor and said there have been numerous cases that have been solved in his jurisdiction where they had no leads, and Crime Stoppers helped solve the case.

"We're able to use these conferences to bring everyone together at one time to educate them so they'll be able to make contacts with other people throughout the state in an effort to better fight crime," said Guest.

Each year, the conference grows with more than 200 people attending this year, but it's not just law enforcement. Most people don't realize, Crime Stoppers is ran by regular citizens.

"Our Crime Stopper board members are citizens. It's everyday working citizens, and they have a better understanding of why law enforcement needs them to help us. We can't do it by ourselves," said Doug Adams.

Adams works for the Pascagoula Police Department. He feels many more cases would go unsolved if it were not for the citizens who help out by calling Crime Stoppers.

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