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Bill would require school districts to make list of underachieving students


Arizona lawmakers are working on a bill requiring school districts to create a list of students with bad grades.

House Rep. Eric Meyer says Arizona students are failing and it's time for an intervention. 

"If we don't pick up these kids early, their chances of graduating are incredibly low. If kids don't graduate, we know their chances of getting a job, going on to college and doing all those other things that I think are so important, don't happen," said Meyer.

That's why Meyer sponsored House Bill 2144, requiring public school districts in Arizona to maintain a confidential list of high school students who have a 2.0 GPA or lower. The districts would then have to provide academic interventions, like tutoring or extra classes, until those students' GPAs rose to at least 2.0.

Meyer says the list would only be available to teachers, administrators and parents. However, Sen. Chester Crandell, who taught school for 30 years, says the bill would give those students another label and he questions how confidential the list would actually be.

"Sometimes that goes a little further than you want it to, and you know the confidentiality part of that, how you make sure that nobody talks about what they do, that goes on all the time," said Crandell.

Parents we talked to say this would give some students the helping hand they need. Lisa Hanson said, "I think that's a good idea.  I just think any type of education is going to be good whether somebody needs help or not."

The bill is now in the hands of House Speaker Andy Tobin, who may or may not assign it to a committee.

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