Council drafts agreement over Gulfport harbor

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It looks like the city of Gulfport and the Secretary of State's office may have settled a lawsuit over the harbor. Gulfport City Council members voted 5 to 2 Wednesday to enter into a 65-year use agreement with the secretary of state on the water bottom. The agreement would cost the city nothing.

"There must still be a final document, but basically what they agreed to in kind is the city owns all the dry land boundary agreement proposed by the secretary, and we have a use agreement for the water," explained Councilman Rusty Walker.

The council plans to soon reach an agreement with the secretary of state on the boat launch at Courthouse and Cowan roads.

"It feels really good, especially with my background," Councilman Miles Sharp said. "Rusty and I, we appreciate the mayor letting us work so closely with him and the secretary of state in a lot of meetings going through what will ultimately be the final documents painstakingly to a point where both sides are really happy with the final outcome."

The agreement must be approved by Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann.

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