Gulfport wants MDOT to conduct study on dangerous road

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - One of Gulfport's main highways that has been riddled with dangerous traffic problems for years was the main topic of discussion at the Gulfport City Council Meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Council members agreed that Cowan Lorraine Road or Highway 605 is dangerous and getting worse.

If you've driven down that road you know how much of a headache traffic can be during certain times of the day. But area residents and business owners say the headache goes far beyond just traffic.

It's also countless close call wrecks and serious accidents.

"It is absolutely dreadful. Anytime between 11 and 7 come out of the east bound side of East Taylor Road. If you want to turn left to go, you've got at least a five to ten minute wait," said Travis Meuse a resident in the area.

Dr. Angela Wingfield says because her dermatology clinic is located at the corner of East Taylor Road and Cowan Lorraine Road she's witnessed a myriad of accidents.

"At one point we were the first responders to an accident where a car flipped over and landed in the front yard of our clinic. So it's been sorta scary on a few different levels," said Dr. Wingfield.

Wingfield also says it's frustrating for her to see her patients deal with the traffic issues just to get to her clinic.

"It's really frustrating for a lot of elderly patients who come and they are frightened to drive anyway and so it's kind of a barrier for them. They pick certain times of the day when the traffic's not going be as hard," said Dr. Wingfield.

That's why city council members voted on a resolution in support of the Mississippi Department of Transportation conducting a study that looks at the problems on the part of the road between Industrial Seaway Bridge and the Bayou Bernard Bridge.

"we're asking not only for the MDOT to look at the addition or subtraction of red lights in the area, but to also look at the possibility of frontage roads to allow all of the residents in that area access to maybe a common light," said  Ward 5 Councilman Myles Sharp.

Sharp says he's confident if a study is done by MDOT it will take include not disturbing traffic flow for those driving north or south on the Cowan Lorraine Road.

He also says because more businesses are being developed in that area.

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