Biloxi City Council reviews baseball stadium plans

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Money is tight and time is critical. That brief summary describes the proposed baseball stadium project in downtown Biloxi.

City council members heard a status report Tuesday morning from the design team and others pursuing the project. And the council had plenty of questions.

The $36 million baseball stadium is certainly on a fast track.

"Because it took longer than anyone expected to get the league's approval of the transfer," said attorney Ron Peresich, who's been involved in the baseball project talks.

The design team emphasized that while time is certainly critical, they remain confident.

"We feel comfortable that we are there.  We need to go forward in haste. That's your decision, we understand that," said Doug Dale with Dale Partners Architects.

Council members recognize the tight timeline, but most questions were about cost.

"I know they're now doing everything right now with no cost, but eventually we're going to have to pay a lot of people. So, we gotta make sure we stay within our $36 million to even have a shot of building this thing," said Councilman George Lawrence.

Councilman Kenny Glavan says it's time for city leaders to "get out of the dugout" and into the game.

"The economic impact is very important, not just for baseball but for those who are looking at this project to relocate new businesses to Biloxi," he said.

"I'm a little worried about the game penalties that we may endure. And because of where the budget is right now, we may have to condense things a little bit more," added council member, Felix Gines.

Keep in mind, the city council has not yet voted to issue the $21 million in bonds for the project, which prompted a question from the city council president.

"Who scheduled the ground breaking for Thursday? And my question at this point, is that a bit premature?" asked Paul Tisdale.

"It's scheduled for Thursday around the governor's schedule. We were told in the next week or so, that's the day he had," attorney Peresich replied.

The ground breaking is set for two o'clock Thursday afternoon.

A news conference about the baseball project has been set for Wednesday morning. That's when team owner, Ken Young, will answer questions about the stadium and Biloxi's new baseball team.

View the presentation made to the City Council Tuesday, compiled by the architectural firm Dale Partner:

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