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Teachers and parents rally for more money

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Rally cries rang out from the Capitol steps. A large group teachers and advocates say they won't shut up till the state pays up. Even students like Hilliard Jones joined in on the fight.

"I'm here so that all students can be on a level playing field," said student Hilliard Jones. "I know that if I have the access to take this class. I want the same students in another district to have access to this class."

Many of these folks are from the Delta. They're part of the Rural Black Women's Initiative.

"I know how important it is in this global economy to develop competitive students so they can contribute to the tax base and improve the quality of life for all Mississippians," explained education advocate Elaine Baker.

They were joined inside by another lively crowd. Many of them toting teacher pay raise signs.

"We deserve that," said teacher Kedra Williams-Harris. "We are the low man on the totem pole if you will. And people seem to forget that teachers or teaching is the profession that makes all others possible."

Amanda Hughey is a teacher and a single parent. Her monthly check just isn't cutting it.

"A lot of us don't have a husband at home to cushion the salary," described Hughey. "And when you have 2,100 a month and you're trying to raise two kids. That's no enough."

Lawmakers continue to come out in support of more money for teachers and schools.

"We're asking you to do for us is to work for it," Representative Bobby Moak (D) told the crowd. "We're going to work for you. But we have to have you working for yourselves and working alongside of us."

Legislation on the issues has not been brought up in either chamber this session.

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