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Hundreds celebrate MLK Jr. Day through volunteerism


King Day at the Dome is the centerpiece of South Carolina events celebrating the life and legacy of the revered civil rights leader.

But for all the marches, speeches, and signs, there were today, smaller quieter ways to pay tribute and make a difference.

For example, 360 University of South Carolina students found out by spreading out to 23 locations around the Midlands -- a range of community service agencies, senior care centers, thrift stores, a food bank, even gardens.

Beth Brink helped organize.

"I think with information being so readily available to people, people are more aware of the issues that are facing their communities," said Brink. "We of the university are continually trying to encourage these students to see themselves not just as students at USC but as members of the Columbia community."

Lu Filani is a junior, majoring in psychology. She spent time at a center that helps people with disabilities.

"When you spend time with people who have disabilities, it really teaches you to appreciate your life," Filani. "And I think as human being who are fully able mentally or physically we take a lot of things for granted."

King Day at the Dome required volunteers too. The members of a new company called BlacCollar showed up for the rally, aiming to blend volunteerism and community service into its business plan. One thing they wanted to spotlight today was voting.

"A lot of people our age and in our community, we don't really take voting that serious," said Brittany Douglas. "So if we can just spread the message and get more people out to join the movement and join the cause."

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