Bay St. Louis residents come together to honor MLK's dream of unity

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Men and women of all ages and races came together in Bay St. Louis to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Monday. Together they sang as they walked to MLK Park.

"It's a very special day to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday." Tony Kirsh said, "We came a long way, but we have a long way to go. And we are trying to honor him and do the things he would want us to do, join hands and be happy."

Young children held up signs that said, "all colors are beautiful" and "follow your dream" as they chanted "Happy Birthday MLK."

Eight-year-old Dadiain Whavers said he know why we honor MLK, "He was walking with other people."

Seven-year-old Heaven Parkman said it's because, "He's nice to everyone."

Once everyone arrived at the park, they all bowed their heads in prayer.

"We thank you Father for those that put their life on the line, those we are here to celebrate," the pastor said.

Then one by one people got on stage to sing, dance or give a speech in honor of MLK. When one gentlemen recited MLK's famous 'I have a dream' speech, Oneida Richardson broke down in tears.

"When I was a little girl, I picked cotton in the field," 100-year-old Richardson said, "But now, I don't have to do it. The Lord brought me so far."

Eliska Lanaux Spencer also remembers MLK's speech.

"Growing up, I went to Valena C. Jones. Then I had to change over and go to North Bay, so it was different on both halves for me getting used to the white kids being with black all these years," Spencer recalled. "It's not all black and white anymore; it's time to come together."

That's something Spencer hopes the young children in the community will understand and carry on to the next generation.

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