Computer In Every Classroom Is Closer To Reality

Whether you call it a tool or a resource, by the end of 2002, Governor Ronnie Musgrove says computers will find their way into every classroom in our state.

"It's just another tool for the teacher to use, as it opens a world of information for the student," Gov. Musgrove told onlookers at a press conference on Thursday.

Last year, the legislature put $2 million toward the governor's initiative of placing internet-accessible computers in every public school classroom. Another $4 million came from private businesses. And just this week, several vendors supplied more than 6,000 computers at discounted prices for Mississippi students.

"Apple education is committed to providing all the support we can to the state of Mississippi, so we worked together with the Governor's initiative," Apple Education representative Jennifer Packer said.

That cooperation doesn't just stop once the computer is plugged in. The vendors say teacher training is also part of the package.

"Once the computers are in the classroom, the students and teachers are comfortable utilizing that to really get the most out of the connectivity."

"Instead of a text book where you're limited in the classroom, you're all of a sudden exposed to the entire world and those opportunities that it brings," Gov. Musgrove said.

Musgrove also says by the end of the initiative, Mississippi will lead the nation by having internet ready computers in every classroom.