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New MPS superintendent says she's ready to tackle challenges


She's now officially the woman in charge of Montgomery Public Schools, and she has a lot to tackle.

Superintendent Margaret Allen says she was planning to retire in June, but when the district she has put 37 years into needed her to step in as interim superintendent she did so without hesitation.

Now she's official, and Allen says she knows the district is nowhere it needs to be, but she is ready for the challenge to change the ship's course. She inherited a lot, including being in the midst of a state audit investigation.

"Now that we are about done with those we have to begin to develop our 30, 60, 90 days plans and that's going to take a huge chunk of our time, because it's not just the development of the plans, it's the implementation and the follow-up and the evaluation of success or not. We're going to have to take some strategies from those plans to become a part of our strategic plan being they will be ongoing," Allen said.

With new standards Allen continues to emphasize her focus of student learning and how the district plans to maximize it.

"We've determined in Montgomery Public Schools that we're going to do strategic teaching, which entails teaching a lesson from start to finish with some specifics that we think will impact what happens at the end of the lesson," Allen said.

Allen said to keep learning at a high level there will be a lot of professional development focused on how to effectively balance school curriculum, structure and assessment of students.

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