Event Salutes Active Duty & Retired Military

The Coast paid tribute Monday night to our active duty and retired military members, at the annual Salute to the Military.

The Coliseum's Convention Center ballroom was packed for what was the 26th year of the event.

In the audience, both active duty and retired military members, as well as members of the Coast community.

The keynote speaker was General Peter Pace, who is the vice commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is the second highest ranking member of America's military. In his remarks, he thanked those there last night, both active duty and retired military.

In an interview with WLOX News anchor, Jeff Lawson, he also addressed criticism that the administration has botched the war in Iraq. He said critics who said we did not have enough ground forces in Iraq to win the war, are wrong.

He also indicated, those who said the Bush administration had no "exit strategy" are way off base.

Pace said it will take some time to restore peace and help the country down the road toward democracy, but he is confident, it will be done.