Biloxi bulls getting ready for the big run

Bulls make their way into the coliseum
Bulls make their way into the coliseum
Bulls make their way out of the holding pin
Bulls make their way out of the holding pin

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The first annual Biloxi Beach Bull Run is gearing up for its debut Saturday. Thursday, the bulls performed a trial run on the course to make sure everything was in the right place before people were added to the equation.

As soon as the gates opened the bulls slowly trampled onto the carefully laid out track. Six foot steel fences lined the path for the bulls leading them in the right direction.

This was the first time these animals had made the trek from their pen to the Coliseum. A pacer horse patiently pushed the bulls along the path until they finally burst into the main arena at the end.

Despite the success of the trial, officials weren't satisfied with just one run. The bull handlers quickly ushered the bulls all the way back to the pen, and then turned them right around to run again.

The second time was a lot faster, and the bulls seemed determined to get to their destination. Bo Campbell, CEO of PCA Rodeos, says he was pleased with the result of the trial.

"Well, second trial run went real good. The first one, we had a little hiccup, but it got better," Campbell said.

When asked if he had any advice for the runners, Campbell simply said, "Have a good time, and don't fall down."

Bill Holmes is the Executive Director of the Coast Coliseum. He explained why people are planning to run with these animals.

"It's gonna allow young and old, that are young at heart, to go ahead and compete," said Holmes.

He's not a man to sit back and watch. Holmes said he's running, and he has a plan.

"When the bull's coming down the road, I've already looked at the route and I know where to jump on the rail or over the rail. I know where to duck into places."

There are over 100 runners signed up so far, and if you are daring enough to pick a foot race with ten 1,200 pound beasts, there's still time to register.

The big run is Saturday night at 6:30 and officials want all runners to sign up by 5:00 p.m. that day.

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