Thick Fog Covers Coast Again

Heavy fog continues its grip on the coast, leaving many folks longing for sunshine. The fog is most noticeable along Highway 90, but it also spread further inland early Thursday.

Thick fog this morning was partly responsible for an accident on I-10 that shutdown the westbound lanes of the interstate for some three hours.

It has been a persistent, if not stubborn visitor, for much of this week. Drivers on Highway 90 have endured the worst of it. A wall of fog has been blowing in off the water, thanks to Southerly breezes. And fog can be downright gloomy. Especially after three days of it.

A parade of low beam headlights made its way along Highway 90 near Courthouse Road. Most drivers know the drill: turn on your lights and allow extra following distance.

For bus drivers, the gloomy weather is simply part of a day's work.

"Lot of fog coming in all at one time. And we have a lot of people, it's hard to see these people standing on the streets. But we're getting them though. We're picking them up. Early in the morning is when it's real bad. In the afternoons, it's clearing up," said Coast Transit driver, Wayne Pitts.

Terry Melton could truthfully tell his boss he was in a fog this morning. His beach construction crew stayed busy, despite the gloomy weather. Besides, for construction workers, a lack of sun isn't all that bad.

"Well, it's kind of cooler right now."

Most visitors come to the coast expecting an abundance of Southern sunshine. So, as you might expect, this recent blanket of fog has caught many tourists by surprise.\

The Hicke family is visiting the coast from Oregon.

And the weather actually reminds them of home.

Angie Hicke says it's similar.

"Only it's not fog, it's clouds."

Her husband says the family is still hoping for a little sunshine.

"We were hoping to see the water here today. But not yet. We did go down and put our feet in it. It's cold."