Biloxi Mayors Race Starting To Take Shape

Terry O'Dell is a Biloxi teacher, and a Biloxi resident. He's anxious for the city's next elected leaders to make a decision about a new north south road.  "If my land is going to be part of the equation in terms of a north south corridor," O'Dell said, "then I'm going to be certainly curious as to how the city and the state are going to alleviate that problem in terms of buying properties and so on."

Out on Popps Ferry Road, daily traffic headaches are a nuisance the Griggs' family considers Biloxi's most pressing issue. Jesse Griggs told us, "Anybody who would support widening and building better roads would certainly get my vote."

The next leaders of Biloxi will be working with a budget in excess of $100 million. And they'll probably make roads and transportation top priorities. If transportation includes improving the Main Street area of Biloxi, Tyrone Burton says that would be a positive step for his barber shop and his ward two community.

According to Burton, "Everything has steady declining. But a lot of talk has been done about what is going to happen. But it's time for something to take place a little more positive."

Who leads the city that direction is something voters will determine in two-and-a-half months. City primaries across the coast are May second. The general election is June fifth.