College Park residents say drugs are a problem in the community

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - If you drive through the College Park Subdivision in Gautier you will usually find several people walking the streets. Neighbors say it's not uncommon to see drug paraphernalia around.

"I don't want to be run out of my neighborhood and I refuse to let people run me off," resident Amy Sadd said. "I come out here on my street corner and tell people, 'You cannot sell drugs here on this wall behind me.' People used to sit here when I first moved here and sell drugs, but I ran them off."

She said that's not the only problem in the community. Tuesday, a 26-year-old man was shot to death and, according to police, it was a drug deal gone bad.

"I hear gunshots usually every week or every few weeks," Sadd said. "I call them in and police, when I call it in, say, 'Oh yeah, we already have that reported.' It doesn't seem like there is a big influence of police checking things out anymore, it's like they gave up on College Park."

Several residents flagged our WLOX News car down and were very open about what happens in the subdivision. One gentleman and his wife actually pointed out the houses where they think drugs are being dealt. They said as soon as they can afford to move their family out of this neighborhood, they will.

Others said their houses have been broken into and they do not feel comfortable in their own neighborhood.

"I ride my bike everywhere and I am always looking out," resident Tad Swan said. " I watch people because I don't feel safe."

"I would just like to know that we are not forgotten," resident Valerie Stallworth said.

Stallworth said the neighborhood has deteriorated over the years and nothing is being done.

"Our streets are neglected," Stallworth said. "We need the taxpayers' dollars put to work here in our neighborhood and it would no longer be a lost community here."

Gautier police told WLOX News they patrol the community on a regular basis.

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