O.S. Pastor Wants Drugs Out Of City Park

In the afternoons, Martin Luther King Jr. Park is the place neighborhood kids gather to play.

But once night rolls around, residents say the kid's playground becomes an adult circus.

"It's so bad, I can't even sit out here. They be cursing," Resident Louise Barns says.

We asked if she though drug dealing was going on, and she replied, "Well, yeah. There probably is. Some of it I think. I don't believe somebody would just honestly be like that, you know."

"We have received several complaints from the elders of the church as well as from members of the community complaining about loud noise and a lot of traffic going through the area. We've stepped up our patrols in the area," Ocean Spring Police Chief Kerry Belk says.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church pastor Jessie Trotter says the problem is serious and he's serious about fighting it.

"You can see the action of the people sometimes selling them. It hasn't been too big of a secret. You could smell the drugs," Reverend Jesse Trotter says.

Trotter says in order to get rid of the problem, his church has been having services out here every Friday night.

Church members are also taking it upon themselves to come out and meet the people and tell them to behave or see the consequences.

"That's the reason I call the police. I don't want them around here. I might get killed here at my own house," Barns says.

"The family, the church and the state must come together to alleviate this problem," Trotter adds.

Trotter says since the church has been active, he's already noticed a dramatic change.

But for the kids, Barns and Trotter want to see the problem completely eliminated.