Prevention Vascular Screening

With health care costs skyrocketing, many people are looking for more affordable ways to stay on top of their health. Preventive care is one of the best medicines... and now there's an easy, inexpensive way for you to get sophisticated medical tests that could help prevent life threatening complications, and you don't have to have a doctor's prescription to take advantage of it.

St James Elementary school teacher Joy Holley, decided on her own to have tests performed at Prevention Vascular Screening in Gulfport. She says she wasn't having any symptoms, but two of her friends had recently suffered unexpected strokes. She says she didn't want to take any chances. "One died, and the other was basically a vegetable. They didn't have any warnings that they had this problem, so it was an inner feeling I had"  That inner feeling Joy had turned out to be right.  An ultrasound screening of her carotid artery found a serious blockage. She says,  "I had a 90 percent blockage on the left side".

Registered Vascular Technologist, Chris Arnoult, made sure Joy had an appointment with a vascular surgeon within an hour of her exam. Joy said, "I owe everything to Chris, he didn't play around, didn't waste any time".  Joy's problem was life threatening, and she had a surgery to implant a stent in her artery. But Arnoult says most of the people he sees leave with peace of mind. He says, "50 percent of the time we do find some plaque, but it may not be anything to worry about, we may just need to follow it".

Prevention vascular screening offers the Carotid Artery Exam....which looks at the vessels that provide blood flow to the brain. An abdominal Aortic exam...that examines the major vessels in the abdomen for aneurysms,  and a Lower Extremity Artery exam...that looks at blood flow to your legs and feet. Chris says while hospitals charge 800 to fifteen hundred dollars for the tests.....he charges $99.00 for all three. "Instead of spending a thousand dollars, you spend a hundred essentially".  Prevention Vascular Screening also offers an echocardiogram, that exaines the heart, for $199.00. All of the tests are viewed not only by the technician...but by a physician as well. Arnoult says, "everything is viewed by a physician, a cardiologist or a vascular surgeon".

Joy believes getting the tests prevented her from having a stroke.... "Chris saved my life". She says she hopes more people will take advantage of the screenings..."Your life is changed in a second forever (if you have a stroke), all you need to do is forget about all those excuses, it's only $99.00, and people waste that kind of money all the time.  Just have this vascular screening, it only takes a few minutes".

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