Couple saves bedridden neighbor from burning home

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A woman is alive after two of her neighbors came to her rescue. As Michael Buskirk and his girlfriend Angelica Carter were leaving home to go workout at Planet Fitness, they smelled burning plastic. Once they pulled out of their driveway, they saw flames, coming from a neighbor's trailer.

"What we first saw looked like it was coming out the window. It was like a gulf of flames coming out and then it pretty much dissolved after a little while," said Buskirk.

Carter put the car in reverse, and jumped into action.

"We had bottled water, and I went and put water on the flames. While that was out, he called 911," said Carter.

"I went and got our neighbor Marvin, and that's when he told me someone was actually inside that was bed ridden."

Marvin, who was not available to speak with WLOX, is the other hero in this story. Carter says Marvin is actually the one who rushed inside to help the woman. Marvin and Carter were able to get the flames out all alone before the fire department arrived.

"We were trying to plug in a fan, open up all the windows and all that stuff. It was pretty bad in there," said Carter.

Having some training in crisis management, Carter began trying to help the bed ridden woman.

"Her face was already kind of black, so I got a wet towel and put it over her face and got some of the ash and stuff that was on her face off."

Those who rushed to her aid say they're no heroes. They just did what anyone should have.

"I guess it goes back to me being me a mom. It was, I have to get in there, I have to help here anyway I can."

Carter says if she had to she would do it all over again. Fortunately, the lady was not taken to the hospital and suffered no serious injuries.

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