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Move quickly in travel club cancellation windows


A Mesa woman wanted out of her vacation club contract and took proper actions to make sure it was canceled. Correct, timely canceling is vitally important when you only have a short window.

With most contracts in Arizona, you do not automatically have the right to change your mind and cancel the deal. So if a company does offer you a short window to cancel your agreement, make sure you do it correctly.

"They sent me a flier in the mail," Stephanie Miller said.

It was an invitation to a travel club seminar from a company called Global Discovery Vacations. Miller attended and says it was a high pressure presentation touting big discounts. She ended up buying a $7,900 package.

"After we signed up, when I came home, I immediately went online to research what they were telling me," Miller said.

Miller's contract provided her three days to cancel her travel club membership. Her first move was to reach out to the booking affiliate for Global Discovery Vacations to see about the big cruise discounts promised in the presentation.

"When I called this travel agency, they told me I could get it for the same price by calling myself," Miller said.

It was Day 2. Not believing the discounts were meaningful, Miller decided to cancel. She sent a certified, return-receipt letter to Global Discovery Vacations and filed a dispute with her credit card company. She says she took those two steps because she felt Global Discovery Vacations was avoiding her hoping the three-day window would expire.

"I immediately called to tell them I was definitely canceling the contract, and I got no response, no return calls," Miller said.

So on Day 3, Miller went back to the office of Global Discovery Vacations, delivered her cancellation in person, and the charge was removed. She says timely research is what saved the day.

"What they told us and what I saw were two different things," Miller said.

Global Discovery Vacations told CBS 5 News that they did respond to Miller and even set up the appointment for her to come to the office to cancel. Miller says that's not the case; she went on her own.

According to Global Discovery Vacations, three-day rights to cancel are not required in Arizona for travel clubs but the company offers them anyway and would have allowed Miller to cancel even after three days.

Bottom line: Try to do as much research as you can on a vacation club before going to the presentation, but if you do sign up with a cancellation window, do your due diligence quickly.

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