Diamondhead traffic cop serves community with dance

He is not your ordinary traffic cop.

"I just let the spirit move me," Diamondhead Police Officer Darrell Hughes said.

Hughes puts a little hip and arm action into his directing.

"Traffic control is probably the most boring part of police work but you make it what it is, and if you enjoy it goes by faster."

He has been dancing his way through work for 35 years since he first earned his badge in 1979.

"I'm from New Orleans originally and you know everything is a show in New Orleans."

We actually caught his boogie act back in 2003 when he worked for the Long Beach Police Department. While his moves have not changed much, he is still a big hit with South Mississippians.

"I love him," Diamondhead Resident Rosemary Slate said.

"We come around the corner and he's just throwing his little arms around."

Her husband also enjoys his dancing act.

"He has a very good time doing it," John Slate said.

Fourth grader Lexie Ladner enjoys her rides home from school in the afternoons.

"He's very funny and has a really good personality," Lexie said.

Do not let his goofy moves fool you. Hughes takes his job very seriously and gets choked up knowing he not only serves and protects, he also puts a smile on many faces.

"It gives me a warm feeling inside," Hughes said with tears in his eyes.

He said he does not plan on giving up his dance moves anytime soon.

"Not until the day they put me in the ground. If you don't like your job get a new one, but if you like your job, love your job."

You can catch Officer Hughes' dancing act several days a week at the corner of Interstate 10 and the eastbound entrance into Diamondhead between 3:30 and 4:15 in the afternoon.

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