Fireworks stand goes against Biloxi ordinance

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The City of Biloxi ordinances say fireworks cannot be sold within city limits. However until recently that's exactly what a stand on the corner of Popp's Ferry Road and Cedar Lake Road has been doing, and a lot of people are wondering why.

The ordinance does allow the mayor to give special permission for the use of fireworks, but city council President Paul Tisdale says that's supposed to be for very specific cases.

"Basically if you're having an event you can have fireworks, and if there's time contact the council," said Tisdale.

"It's not for the purpose of retail sale of fireworks."

The old Snap, Crackle, Pop fireworks stand closed just a few days after the new year, but Tisdale doesn't think it should have opened to begin with.

He wants to make sure everyone understands the ordinance, and follows it with no exceptions.

"Ordinances are basically there to keep businesses and the community between the ditches. If we're going to make exceptions for some folks, I think it gives an unfair competitive advantage."

Tisdale hopes the administration looks at revising the firework ordinance to clear up any confusion in the future.

"All I'm asking is that the ordinance either be revised to reflect what we do, or that we actually follow the ordinance."

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