Support growing to put more troopers on patrol

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - There is some good news brewing in the state capital.Support is growing in the Mississippi Legislature to put more troopers on the roads.

The Highway Patrol cannot hire new troopers without recruits going through a patrol school, but the legislature hasn't funded a patrol school since 2011.

Highway Patrol officials say there is a shortage of troopers because of the lack of training opportunities.

WLOX News spoke with two local state representatives about whether they believe funding for a patrol school will pass this session.

"Revenue is up this year significantly and we should have the money to fund a patrol school," said Rep. David Baria.

"I think we need a school of 100. Somebody talked about 50 or 75. There's not much more cost involved, and we need 100 plus troopers so I'm in favor of it and I hope we can get that done."

"That is of much concern to me because it's very important and it's very shameful that in Harrison County we only have four patrols on the road," said Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes.

"And it's dangerous so we definitely need more patrols and we need more pay for our Highway Patrol."

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