Moss Point city officials working to demolish old fire station

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - When The Mississippi Heritage Trust released its list of the 10 most endangered historic places late last year, Moss Point's Central Fire Station was on the list. This is the same fire station the city's mayor and board also voted to demolish.

Several Moss Point firefighters like Tim Duboes worked at old central fire station for years and can still remember the conditions.

"The old central fire station is just that, old," Duboes said.

"I worked there for years prior to Katrina until it was damaged, and it was a little bit unlivable with the leaks and different things."

Due to the building's condition, Moss Point's mayor and board voted to tear it down last year. Yet, the fire station has now ended up on the top 10 most endangered historic places.

"Some will say this is a historical facility, but the fact of the matter is this has been two or three things since it has been erected as a fire station initially. So, the authenticity doesn't meet the historical guidelines in our minds," Mayor Billy Broomfield said.

While the historical value is still up for debate in the city, the mayor said the plan to demolish the building stands for now.

"The problem has been because this area is being declared a historical district there is certain paperwork that you have to fill out to send for approval from Archives and History as well as FEMA. We have done that and we are waiting for approval."

Getting the go ahead to knock down the building won't be easy, but the mayor said the benefits to the area would make it worth the effort.

"I don't have to look out at my office number one and see this building that's aesthetically ugly. But to be serious about it, it allows us to use this area for economic development particularly when we are thinking about dismantling the public safety complex. So, this area will be available for economic improvements."

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