Search intensifies for missing Gulfport woman

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The search continued Sunday for a missing Gulfport woman. Officers in canoes searched by water, dogs sniffed through the woods and people mounted on horseback continued the search for 50-year-old Anita Smith. Pat Sullivan, who is the Harrison County Fire Marshal, says they have ramped up their efforts after a week of searching with no luck.

"We've brought out more resources," said Sullivan.

"We've brought out mounted patrols. We've brought out dog teams and we've brought out people to search on foot."

Smith went missing January 2. Friends thought she was with family, and family thought she was with friends. She wasn't reported missing until a few days later, and Sullivan believes she could be in real danger.

"There's reason to believe that she was not in control of herself and may have harmed herself. She may have been off her medications so we're real concerned about her well being."

Sullivan adds that she has issues with depression and left her cell phone and personal belongings at home when she disappeared.

Search crews are combing the area near a trailer where Smith was last seen, but they say finding Smith will be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

"We've been looking for her actually on a continuous basis since the report, and we're going to continue looking until we find out something," said Carlos Redmon, Coordinator of Gulf Coast Search and Rescue.

Redmon is encouraging people to be aware of the search teams, by watching out for the dogs and horses so that you don't interfere with their efforts.

As of now, search teams are focusing on the area around Canal Road in Gulfport.

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