Wild at Heart Rescue Center expecting busy baby season

Missy Dubuisson and Douglas Pojeky.
Missy Dubuisson and Douglas Pojeky.

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Officials with Wild at Heart Rescue Center in West Jackson County say they are expecting a busier than usual wild life baby season. The nonprofit currently has approximately 50 animals in rehabilitation, but by Spring they are expecting many more.

Checking on animals, cleaning their cages and feeding and watering them are tasks Wild at Heart rescuers do daily.

But they're about to add more duties to their to-do list, thanks to the upcoming busier than usual baby season.

"With this being a mild winter, I know we had a harsh cold just recently, but this has been quite the mild winter and down here in South Mississippi these animals will reproduce year round," said Wild At Heart Rescue's Douglas Pojeky.

"We're preparing for our 2014 baby season that where all the springtime is. All the babies are in bloom. All the turtles are coming out of hibernation. So we're preparing for a lot of animals to come in," said Wild at Heart Rescue's Missy Dubuisson.

And with an ideal mating season hundreds of mostly baby squirrels, raccoons, possums and birds are expected to flood into the Wild at Heart Rescue Center in Jackson County.

Douglas Pojeky and Missy Dubuisson already run a full house of animals that are almost rehabilitated and ready to be released back into the wild soon.

Simply rehabbing just one of these injured animals can take several weeks, if not months.

Luckily, volunteers and donations help to make the facility possible.

"There's more to volunteering than doing exactly what we do. There is transport that we need sometimes. We cover the entire coast. From Louisiana to Alabama and that's a long distance for us to travel," Pojeky said.

As springtime draws closer, Wild at Heart Rescue hopes they'll see more people interested in helping our wildlife. They are greatly in need of volunteers and donations to purchase items like formula, food and medicine for the baby season.

To make a donation on PayPal: wildatheartrescueinc@gmail.com

To learn how you can volunteer call 228-669-7907.


Workshops for those interested in volunteering won't begin until February.

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