New high school program gives students leg up on tech careers

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - High school students will soon have even more of an incentive to take the "technical" path in school. Mississippi will start honoring high school graduates who are preparing to go into technical careers.

Ingalls Shipbuilding is known for their competitive training programs, but high school students will now have a chance to get a leg up on their competition with the "tech master program".

"When they come and put an employment application in, we know they have achieved academically the kinds of things that we need them to bring to the work force," said Irwin Edenzon.

Edenzon, who is the outgoing Ingalls Shipyard President and helped develop the program, says they will be looking for candidates who have basic skills in math, communications and blueprint reading.

"We don't have to train them in things that we now know they've been educated in during their scholastic career."

According to Edenzon, high school seniors who graduate with tech masters diplomas will even get preferential treatment when applying for Ingalls training programs. One of Ingalls newest trainees wishes he had the same opportunity when he was in high school.

"I think it will have a greater success rate if they do it from high school on up due to the fact that the nature of this company, you have to be good. You have to be great," said trainee Alvon Portis.

"They're going to make sure you're on point when you get to this level."

The seven counties the program will begin in are Bolivar, Jackson, Jones, Lincoln, Madison, Panola and Union.

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