A Saints victory would be a win for some Coast businesses

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Some local business owners have more than one reason to root for the black and gold. The New Orleans Saints will take on the Seattle Seahawks in round two of the playoffs on Saturday. A New Orleans' victory would also be a win for some businesses.

Football fan George Dearing said there's something special about watching the big game at a sports bar.

"It's the emotion of the crowd. Listening to them roar when there's a touchdown and listening to them groan when something bad happens," said Dearing.

At Big O's in Ocean Springs, the staff is expecting to be packed with Saints fans on Saturday afternoon. The owner said by New Orleans making it into in postseason, he will score big with sales.

"Business is a lot better," said owner Oren Zweig. "I'm going to say maybe five times better than normal. And with us being a new sports bar in the area, it really helps us a lot."

Saints fans love the sweet taste of victory and the sweet taste of cake. As the Saints make their playoff run, orders for Saints themed sheet cakes and king cakes are rolling into at Sweet Stuff Bakery.

Employee Shaina Vuyovich said, "Since we do really amazing Saints cakes, everyone has been coming in and ordering all kinds. We've done the shape of footballs. We've done big dolled up footballs on top. It has definitely increased our orders here. "

Business owners said they will be cheering for the black and gold on Saturday.

"Absolutely. It brings business and it's our team," said Vuyovich.

"Does bring in a lot more money when the Saints do win. So it's definitely a financial dictator when they're playing," Zweig said. "When the Saints win, everybody wins."

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