Broadus retiring; Britt announces candidacy for sheriff

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The man who served as Chief Deputy under former Sheriff Mike Byrd is leaving the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Charles Britt announced Friday morning that Ken Broadus will retire by the end of the month. Maj. Ray Bates will begin Monday as the department's new chief deputy.

Britt also announced Friday that he will be a candidate for sheriff in the November 2014 election. Sheriff Britt said he is withdrawing his request for a leave of absence and resigning from his position at the Biloxi Police Department on Monday, in order to devote his time and attention fully to Jackson County.

Sheriff Britt also reached out to Capt. Gerald Forbes to help with internal affairs. He said Forbes will examine and handle any internal issues within the department.

"He's a well-rounded investigator with extensive experience in internal affair matters," Britt said.

Earlier this week, Sheriff Britt suspended operations at the task force in order to observe and restructure that division. "But, there will be no lapse in the handling of narcotics cases," Britt said. "For now, the Criminal Investigations Division will handle all narcotics cases with two certified narcotics officers."

The Sheriff has also ordered a complete inventory of all departmental assets - everything from vehicles to laptop computers assigned to personnel. The inventory should begin by the end of the month.

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