It may not be too late for your freeze damaged plants

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - With winter in full swing, and hard freezes coming and going, it's easy to forget about your outdoor plants. They are prone to damage when left uncovered during temperature drops like what we experienced over the past couple of days.

When you discover that the plants have frozen and appear to be dead, don't give up on them immediately.

Polly Cuevas, manager of Pine Hills Nursery in Pass Christian, says that waiting until the spring to take action is the best policy. She says that the tendency for most plant owners is to start trimming back the plant and fertilizing immediately.

Instead, she advises to wait until the spring to fertilize and prune because the damaged foliage could serve as insulation throughout the rest of the winter.

Some plants are more susceptible than others to freeze damage. Tropical plants, like Hibiscus, are from a tropical climate and are not equipped to deal with freezing temperatures as well as bushes and pine trees in our area.

To prevent plants from freezing in the future, Cuevas says to wrap them in a cloth then loosely cover them in plastic. She says to keep the plastic from touching the plant, but also secure it to the ground so it doesn't blow away.

A warming lamp may also be used to keep the temperature in a healthy range for the plant.

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