Construction On Final Phase Of East Biloxi Traffic Plan Soon To Begin

Traffic in East Biloxi is sure to flow a lot better, once the final phase of the East Biloxi Traffic Plan is complete.

That may not be too far off in the future.

On Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council is set to award contracts for the widening of Caillavet Street, the final phase of the Traffic Plan.

As South Mississippi's population and tourism industry continues to grow, so does the traffic on coast roads, especially the ones that run alongside East Biloxi casinos.

This is one of the reasons why Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway devised an East Biloxi Traffic Plan seven years ago.

"We've completed the widening of Oak Street, the new Back Bay Boulevard, and now the Caillavet Street Boulevard that will hook up right here at Bayview and complete the East Biloxi Traffic Loop," Mayor Holloway said.

Holloway says construction for the final phase of the project, the widening of Caillavet Street, could begin as soon as mid-November.

The project will take about a year-and-a-half to complete, but the mayor believes the construction will only pose a minor inconvenience for people who drive through the area.

"Caillavet Street will continue to be open all during construction, and then will do one side, then flip over and build the other side," Holloway said.

Under the $6.8 million dollar project, Caillavet will be a 4-lane roadway, and 8-foot sidewalks will line both sides of the street, but the mayor says this project will do more than ease traffic.

"I think Caillavet Street is going to be a good hub for new businesses to relocate and several of them that are in the process of relocating right now," said Holloway.

The city has already sold about a quarter of the land it owned on the East side of Caillavet, and as construction progresses, the city will market the remainder of the property.

Holloway says new casinos and a residential condominium development could be among the projects that pop up along Caillavet Street.

The mayor says one thing is for certain, that the new roadway will cut down on traffic problems while boosting the local economy.