Gautier Elementary students get moving to make the grade

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - There is a new movement that's gaining popularity across the state. It's called Move to Learn and it's aimed at getting kids up, moving and motivated to make good grades.

Teachers and students boogieing to the beat is probably not a typical sight at schools, but at College Park they're moving to learn.

"There is a theory that children learn more and they're more energized academically when there is movement involved," said Coach Larry Calhoun.

"This is a way to incorporate movement into classroom setting, so children can not only benefit from the physical aspect, but the academic aspect as well."

Calhoun said the program is free for all Mississippi schools and includes videos that are five minutes each. Teachers have the option of playing a video during classroom lesson breaks.

"It is simple. Teachers stop when the children are drifting or losing interest, and they stand beside their desk, and do simple movements to the song and after that they sit and continue to work and focus and concentrate on the academics."

In between the fun, there are also lessons about drinking water and getting the proper rest at night. The program even encourages kids to relax and laugh more to live longer.

Teacher Kim Parker has already started using Move to Learn in her class, and she loves it.

"Absolutely, even this week coming back from Christmas break they have been really sluggish and they want to go back to sleep. We get up and move several times a day using this program, and it has been wonderful for them," Parker said.

Calhoun hopes more coast schools will consider using this physical fitness tool as a way get more students energized and eager to make the grade.

The Move to Learn program is tailored for kindergarten students up to sixth grade. It's sponsored by the Bower Foundation and the Department of Education's Healthy Schools.

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