Annual Fall Muster Brings History To Life At Beauvoir

Though it was hardly a primary theater in the War between the States, the Gulf Coast certainly had a part to play in that historic struggle.

This weekend that role was resurrected at one of South Mississippi's most significant Civil War era sites.

War is a bloody, violent, and ultimately tragic affair. sound And the American Civil War is remembered vividly in those terms.

"These men had been fighting for 4 years. They'd been without food. They'd been without sleep. They'd been without proper clothes. And a lot of them had been shot at and either died on the battle field died of their wounds or died of disease," said re-enactor Mike Beisar.

But for soldiers like these, remembering and accurately re-enacting battles of the American Civil War, is more a family affair, and in a number ways.

"I had ancestors on both sides of the war. I had a great great grandfather with the 2nd Kentucky U.S. Infantry. I had another great great grandfather who fought for the confederacy, and I'm out here for both of those guys today. And it's a wonderful way to teach your kids history," said Beisar.

The skirmishes of the18th Annual Fall Muster focus on the final desperate days of the Confederacy.

Days when all manner of men heeded the call of their chosen country.

"It's very exciting being out there, hearing all the volleys, listening to all the calls everything. It's very exciting to be out there," said young musician Kyle Myers.

Behind the lines, a civilian population awaits the predetermined but in this case bloodless outcome.

"My husband is first Sergeant. And I re-enact as a civilian, and our son re-enacts as a civilian. But when he becomes old enough he wants to get out on the field. In every way it's generations following in the footsteps of their heroes. bite151253/ My children came out with me when they were young. My grand daughter will be here this later this afternoon so we're starting our second generation," said re-enactor Constance Bryant.

Activities continue through tomorrow from 9 A.M. till 5 P.M. Admission is $7.50 for adults, $4.50 for students, and free for children under five.