Action Report: Lakeshore couple could lose home to foreclosure

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Gerard and Shannon Gelinas were shocked to learn their loan from the Small Business Administration is now in foreclosure and they could lose their home.

"It wasn't enough that I lost my home in Katrina," said Gerard Gelinas.

"Now they're trying to take my home for something they say that I haven't done, that I have done... which is make my house notes."

Last month, Shannon Gelinas received a letter from the SBA saying the couple was in default for missing payments. That letter also delivered the news that the original $185,000 loan was increased to $218,000 because of the missed payments.

"I've missed two payments and doubled my payments the next month to fix the payment that I missed," said Shannon Gelinas.

When Shannon called SBA officials, she was told the loan was 20 months behind.

"I immediately started crying because here I was all this time making my payments and I was completely unaware that they actually haven't been acknowledging the payments."

Because of the missed payments, Gelinas was told to deal only with an SBA office in California. She sent copies of her records showing she had been making payments to the Birmingham office since 2006.

So where has the money been going? Gerard Gelinas says getting that answer from the SBA in California has been difficult.

"They do not speak very clear English. I've left several messages with the supervisor over there to call me and with the importance of this issue. He has yet to call me back," Gerard Gelinas said.

"I told him my house is going up for foreclosure December 20, please call me. I've made these notes. I need to talk to you. No phone call.

The Gelinas were told not to contact the local SBA office for answers.

I decided to contact the Gulfport SBA office and got good news. A local supervisor is now working with Shannon Gelinas trying to clear up the dispute. He is collecting all the documents and will meet with Shannon on Friday in the Gulfport SBA office in the Hancock Bank Building.

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