Pipes freeze at Our Lady Academy

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Protecting pets, people, plants and pipes during the freezing temperatures is the message our weather team has been reminding folks of over the past few days.

Many heeded those warnings, but even with protective measures in place some folks were bitten by old man winter.

A pipe spraying water on the lawn of Our Lady Academy created a problem for the school Tuesday morning.

"We actually showed up to no water to one of our buildings due to a frozen pipe," said Principal Tiffaney Lindmark.

That frozen pipe created an inconvenience for students and teachers at OLA.

"We didn't have water in the bathrooms or water fountains."

The school cafeteria was also missing water for awhile. Fortunately, only one of the three buildings on campus was impacted by the freeze.

"We loaded up a couple of pitchers and got water from our other buildings that were working fine. It didn't affect our lunch. We were able to get water in."

Classes were not interrupted by the problem, although the school experienced low water pressure throughout the day. School leaders said classes would go on as scheduled Wednesday.

Old man winter dealt Waveland resident Ernest Saucier a big surprise Tuesday morning as well.

"I woke up this morning to wash my face and couldn't do it. The water was frozen," said Saucier.

"The toilet didn't flush, and I needed to take a shower. I couldn't do anything like that."

Saucier said he planned to drip his water faucets over night, but forgot to turn them on.

Fortunately the cold weather only froze his pipes and didn't break them.

"It took four hours to thaw out."

Luckily, his plumbing pipes are made of PEX, a flexible product made to expand and contract. Experts say if his pipes were PVC he would be facing a costly plumbing bill.

Saucier says his pipe freezing days are over.

"I'm going to leave the water running tonight."

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