Life Is Hectic At Home With The Barlow Quads

The Barlow's day starts around 2 a.m. with the first morning feeding for quads. An 11 a.m. snack marks the fourth of feeding of the day. Shannon Barlow has been up nonstop.

"There have been nights when I'm like.. oh my God," she says.  "I'm so tired, but it's not that bad at all, it really isn't."

"We feed them about 8 to 9 times per baby, and that's a lot of bottle and formula we go through," her husband James says.

After each bottle, it's nap time, followed by four diaper changes. That adds oup to about 50 diapers a day.

"It is a full day's work," James says.

The kitchen is the heart of the Barlow's baby operations. The dishwasher is constantly being loaded and unloaded with baby bottles. Then those bottles come to the refrigerator for storage. All the babies have their own shelf.

"It just the things you know you have to do, you do. And I think anybody would," Shannon says.  "We were just so excited to get them home."

After the cold and flu season ends, Shannon and James are looking forward to taking the children around town.

"We can't bring them anywhere.  We bring them to the doctor's office, and we get them home. Once we get them through that I can take them to church we can come sit with them. The funny thing is when we do take them out, like to doctor's office people just look like they need oxygen," Shannon says.

Sometimes it's mom and dad who look like they need oxygen.  With four babies, threre's little time to rest but plenty of time for love.