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Old Man Winter is harsh, but good for heating businesses


Frigid, bone chilling, brisk, harsh and raw, those are just some of the words many South Mississippians used to describe the cold snap. And while many people out running errands in Gulfport aren't a fan of the cold some businesses couldn't be happier.

"It's frigid. It hits your bones. It's probably the worst part it's just really chilling," said Brent Mayweather.

"I'm actually from California, so I thought Mississippi would never ever actually get ice on the ground ever. So it's just really weird. Really weird to me," said Octavio Gonzalez.

Daniel Ream, "I've been down here for a few years. I'm kinda getting more accustomed to the weather down here and then it decided to drop now. It's not so fun anymore."

But for Blossman gas branch manager Jaime Thrift the cold weather is big business.

"Today [Monday] has been extremely busy. It started at 8:01 this morning and it's been non-stop. But I think it's just due to it's been extreme cold," said Jaime Thrift the branch manager of Blossman Gas and Appliances in Gulfport.

Answering hundreds of calls and selling roughly 500 to 600 gallons of propane gas, Thrift says this is the busiest his company has been in a while.

He says his full staff has been working around the clock to service those who rely on propane gas for their homes, motor homes, greenhouses, cooking and gas fireplaces.

"We expect to stay busy, now until this weather breaks," Thrift said.

And while Blossman employees stay busy, regular folks are rushing to protect themselves and their property from the frigid conditions.

"Prep before it gets cold. My plants are good my pipes are all covered already," said Tony Pavack.

Donald Johnson, "I got on soo many layers. I'd rather be over-layered because I can peel some of this off."  

At least for now most will probably stick to over-layering their clothes until the winds and arctic air move out of South Mississippi.

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