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Clearing snow from fire hydrants could save lives

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The declining temperatures often create special challenges for local first responders.

Oregon's Fire Chief is asking people to do their part to help the local first responders by clearing snow away from fire hydrants near their property. The hydrants can be buried when snow plows go by.

"If we come down the street, we have a general idea where they should be," said Chief Ed Ellis. "But if they're not visible to us, we're going to spend valuable time trying to find that fire hydrant."

In sub-zero temperatures, Chief Ellis says the potential is there for firefighters to come across a frozen hydrant, which would create further obstacles to getting water onto a fire as quickly as possible.

"That possibility is always there when the weather's like this," Ellis said. "Our crews will pull up, we'll try the hydrant, open it up, see if there's going to be water flow. If they don't, we'll make arrangements to go to another fire hydrant, which adds time and effort to the response."

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