Harrison County Deputy Named Officer Of The Quarter

Our "Officer of the Quarter" award goes to a Harrison County Sheriff's Deputy who is a friend to many in the law enforcement community.

Lt. Lee Shelbourn has held several law enforcement positions. Last year he took charge of a traffic enforcement unit with the sheriff's department. For his efforts in helping to reduce fatalities on county roads, WLOX and the Coast Crime Commission awarded Shelbourn with the "Officer of the Quarter" award.

Shelbourn says he is humbled by the recognition, and he credits the men and women he works with for doing such a great job.

"We have an extremely high profile DUI unit," Lt. Shelbourn says.  "We have four motorcycles that are on the job everyday, and those are actually the people who are putting the paper out.  The statistics tells us the more citations written, the lower the fatalities and that's what our jobs are all about anyway, reducing fatalities.

Shelbourne's boss, Sheriff George Payne, says Harrison County is very lucky to have such a dedicated officer on duty.