How to keep your plants alive in frigid temperatures

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Frasier's Nursery in D'Iberville is prepared for frigid temperatures headed to South Mississippi. Workers on Monday moved most of the plants inside green houses.

"Below freezing is when people start asking," Co-owner Barbara Mabry said. "Some things can take it in the 30s, but below that they can't take."

Many of the plants sold at the nursery can handle the cold, but it is best to take every precaution, especially if you want your blooms to survive the weather.

"In this greenhouse, we have Camillas. The plant itself won't be hurt, but the bloom could be, and that is why we moved it inside," Mabry explained.

If you don't have a greenhouse, or if they plants you want protect are in the ground, it's a good idea to cover them. A lot of people will throw sheets over the plants, but Mabry said it is much better to use plastic.

"There needs to be a space between the plastic and the plant, because that's what creates that insulation layer," Mabry said.

You can do that by putting a few stakes in the ground and then putting the plastic over that. Just draping the plants with a cover does not work as well.

"That will keep the frost off of it, but it's not doing anything to keep the temperature any different," Mabry said.

Don't forget: Even in the cold weather, plants need water. "Something that's well watered won't freeze as bad as if it's dry," Mabry said.

Also, putting two to three inches of mulch around your plants will conserve water and also provide insulation.

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