Coast Officials Meet With College Leaders To Prepare For Black Spring Break

Coast leaders took another step today aimed at keeping Black Spring Break crowds under control. The mayors and chiefs of police from Biloxi and Gulfport met with the presidents of Mississippi's eight colleges and universities. They were looking for advice and help from the college officials on how to handle large student events.

Coast leaders also hope the universities will be able to provide some information on how many students they expect will attend the event and help with organization.

"We're hoping that they will identify some students who can provide us with some of the things they would like to do if they come to the event, and also to have students to coordinate with so they understand what the rules of the forum are," District Attorney Cono Carrana said. "When they come to the coast they're going to be expected to abide by our rules and ordinances."

Since traffic jams were major problems during last year's event, coast officials are working on ways to detour traffic and provide places to park. The city of Biloxi has passed some new crowd control ordinances.

Black Spring Break is scheduled for the first weekend in April.