One-Man Volleyball Team Challenges Ocean Springs School

Bob Holmes shouted "If the girls win, I will buy them a pizza party, all you can eat"!

The crowd went wild when Bob Holmes issued his first volleyball challenge. It was just one man against a group of girls at Ocean Springs Middle School.

Bob Holmes said "They watch me stand alone on the court, and they love how my message is about standing alone and going against the peer pressure".

His serves and spikes proved too powerful for the young ladies. They couldn't even get one point on the scoreboard. Then, it was Holmes verses the guys. Holmes single-handedly took on all the 7th grade boys, but he wasn't worried. He has played up to 1,000 people before.

Holmes said "I'm doing it because I want to help people's lives more than anything. That's what matters to me, is to help people overcome the odds".

The boys managed to score six points, but they couldn't beat him either. So, it was up to the teachers.

Holmes told the students "If I beat the teachers, the whole group gets no homework tonight".

Holmes used his psycho slams to grab the students' attention and drive home a life-saving message. He said "It all ties in with say 'no' to drugs and alcohol and violence and the things that are destroying so many people".

In the end, even the teachers lost against Holmes. But, everyone came out a winner.

Holmes said "I want to get the message to them before they get destroyed, so they don't end up a statistic and they can be a victory in their life".

Holmes plays volleyball at school assemblies, fundraisers and community functions all over the country. He has won 14,655 times and lost 293 matches.

By: Trang Pham-Bui