People pick up supplies in preparation of cold snap

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Experts are calling this week's temperatures the coldest we've seen on the coast in around 30 years. On Sunday many people were preparing for the arctic blast.

Even for winter it's odd for South Mississippi to experience temperatures in the 20s and teens.

"All across the country they are talking about people 40 and under have never seen this type of cold weather before. It's just a very unusual type of cold outbreak. So it's gonna be, I won't say historic, but it's gonna be a shock to some of the younger folks," said WLOX Chief Meteorologist Mike Reader.

Shocked or not, many people, who were shopping early Sunday morning at Home Depot, weren't taking their chances with the cold snap.

"We got a lot of people buying protection particularly for pipes. Outdoor pipes, spigots and that sort of thing against the freeze, and then also protecting their plants, and protecting their pets," said Home Depot Store Manager Dan Pahl.

Jay Trochesset scooped up faucet covers for his home and his son's home.

"It's gonna get pretty cold. The low is supposed to be freezing in the next few days and we're not used to that down here, especially back to back to back," said Trochesset.

The big thing shoppers were preparing for were bursting pipes.

"Years ago I had a pipe burst. And it is it's not fun," said Trochesset.

"If they know what I know, if they've got exposed pipes and stuff then they'll put stuff on them now before that freeze gets here. So they don't bust. It's just a big mess when it busts. Water just goes everywhere," said Frank Tillman who purchased several pipe covers.

And while you're protecting your home, plants and pets, remember to protect yourself and loved ones.

"You realize the youngsters are going back to school next week. So they're going to school in this. And if you don't bundle up correctly, layer clothing you could have issues. Now we're not talking about necessarily hypothermia, but if you're outside working or hunting or something and you're not dressed up right you could be in trouble," Reader said.

Preparing for the uncomfortably chilly conditions now, will help keep you from being left out in the cold later.

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