19-year-old and kidnapped girl found in Mobile, AL

GEORGE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - After numerous tips the search has ended for the girl the George County Sheriff's Office says was kidnapped early Wednesday morning.

According to George County Sheriff Dean Howell, 14-year-old Lily Johnson and 19-year-old Kenneth Shane Fountain were both found Friday night at a home in Mobile, AL.

Howell says US Marshals contacted the people Fountain and Johnson were staying with and they told them how to find the two.

US Marshals along with Mobile police arrested Fountain around 9:30 p.m., according to Shonna Pierce with the George County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Ben Brown, "The multiple agency cooperation along with tips from the public are what brought this young lady home. More than 100 tips came in and every one of them was valuable."

Pierce says both Johnson and Fountain are physically okay. Johnson will be reunited with her guardians, who are also her grandparents in George County, according to officials. Fountain is in the custody of US Marshals in Alabama and will be extradited back to George County.

Fountain has been formally charged with kidnapping and other charges could be pending, according to Howell.

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