Eight New Cabins To Open At Flint Creek

Stone County Supervisors and other community leaders got a tour of the eight new cabins that will be open for visitors starting this weekend. At $110 a night, these cabins offer a number of amenities. Two of the cabins are handicapped accessible.

The new quarters bring the total number of cabins at Flint Creek to 41. Executives don't expect to have any problem filling them.

"I don't think you could ever have enough cabins here at Flint Creek," said Stewart Smith, Special Projects Officer for the Pat Harrison Waterway.

"It's time right now," Stone County Supervisor Duncan Hatten said. "A lot of people will be coming to get away from Mardi Gras and then of course, real soon the schools will be on spring break and soon after they start that and the park itself will really get busy."

The additional cabins are also good news for nearby businesses. More visitors mean more money. And several new businesses are popping up along Highway 26 hoping to cash in on it.

"This is real good for the merchants because as they come through they can buy their groceries, their gas and so our park has an economic impact on our communities," Smith said.

"Flint Creek has a tremendous impact on Stone County economically," added Hatten. "It brings in tourists from all over the country."

The fact that so many of those tourists continue to come back year after year is what has helped make Flint Creek successful. It's the reason even more cabins tucked away in the woods are planned for the future.