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18 inmates injured in Walnut Grove riot

LEAKE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

At least 18 inmates were taken to the hospital after a gang fight New Year's Eve inside Walnut Grove Correctional Facility. Four remain hospitalized.

The company that operates the prison, Management and Training Corporation, released a statement Wednesday saying, "only some inmates were injured."

"I was a little shocked at first," said the founder of Friends and Family of Youth Incarcerated at Walnut Grove. "But then again, I wasn't that shocked because I was thinking, it was only a matter of time before it made the news again."

Corrupt guards, a broken prison system and barbaric living conditions is how McIntosh describes the prison.

"It's a lot of stabbings going on," said McIntosh. "You know we had inmates that have lost an eye. My son in particular, brain damage."

When McIntosh started the advocate group in 2010, Walnut Grove was strictly a youth facility, housing inmates up to the age of 24.The group became voices for the incarcerated, rallying, holding sub committee hearings and eventually filing a class action lawsuit against Walnut Grove.

"And we actually won it," said McIntosh. "They were supposed to put a lot of things in place. How much time they are going to get to do it, I don't know."

Because of the lawsuit, incarcerated juveniles can no longer be housed with inmates over the age of 18 at Walnut Grove.

For now, MTC continues to put the blame on gang activity sparking the riot.

"We know the mentality of gang members, yeah they are going to fight," said McIntosh. "But those gangs can't get at each other if the security at the facility is doing its job. I think the system enjoys sweeping a lot of things under the rug and we don't need it swept under the rug. We need it exposed and dealt with. It's a true testament to what we've been saying is happening all along."

MTC is still not releasing the condition of the four inmates that have not been taken back to prison.

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