Page 13: Newborns in a new year on unique farm

Alpacas are curious, very loving animals and they're quite frisky.

A herd of alpalcas live on the Kusa Paku Farm in Jackson County.

For centuries these animals have been known for their gentle disposition and their lush wool or fleece

"The ancient Incas domesticated the alpaca thousands of years ago. They've always been used for their fleece. In the old days only the ruler would wear it. It was called fiber of the gods" said Vida Palmer.

Palmer started her farm in Jackson County's Big Point community ten years ago.

The fleece is turned into a wide variety of products. Vida takes some of her prized animals to shows.

Like all livestock, the alpacas are bred and sold. That's not always easy.

"We have some that will never leave. You love them, but you know they have to go to their new home" Palmer says.

The end of 2013 was an exciting time at the farm. 7 baby alpacas were born between October 15th and Christmas Day.

Birthing season is always a magical time on the farm.

"There's nothing like it. They look up at you. It's the beginning of life" according to Palmer.

The new year has brought newborns to Kuska Paku Farm. It's a unique situation. Animals originally from South America have found a home in South Mississippi.