Man selected to run Jackson County Sheriff's Office is ready for the challenge

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The man selected to be Jackson County's interim sheriff has a few more days at his old job at the Biloxi Police Department. On January 6, Charles Britt will be sworn in as the top law enforcer for Jackson County. Britt says he's ready to take off the major's insignia and put on the sheriff's badge. He knows getting the troubled department back on course won't be easy, but it's a job Britt is anxious to do.

He brings 25 years of law enforcement and management experience with him when he leaves his office at the Biloxi Police Department. The awards on his wall reflect what he's done, but Britt knows the new job will be a challenge.

"I knew I had an uphill climb. I felt that I was very well qualified from the community and spent a lot of time in the community. I'm very open and I believe in everyone coming to me," said Britt.

Jackson County Supervisors chose the 50-year-old, Vancleave resident to run the sheriff's office until November when a special election will be held. Until then, Britt has a lot of cleaning up to do.

"Overall concern that I've picked up from all the supervisors is they wanted someone that was going to come in open minded, fair, and had the ability to evaluate the situation. Evaluate any problems that may be there and have the ability to handle those problems and make changes," Britt said.

He says there are concerns over the budget and equipment at the sheriff's office, but he's confident in the people he'll be leading. And for many of the Jackson County deputies, he won't be a stranger.

"I've worked alongside the sheriff's department here in my role in Biloxi for many, many years. I know a lot of the officers. I know a lot of the staff officers. I know a lot of the field officers and I have some good friendships. Some long lasting friendships and I'll draw on those," Britt explained.

Britt is a husband, father and grandfather. One of his two sons is a detective at the Ocean Springs Police Department. And he also says he really enjoys hunting, fishing and coaching youth football and baseball.

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